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May 08 2013


What a day.  Teacher Appreciation Week and the day of a local levy for my hometown school district in Ohio.  As I see people coming out on social media to thank their teachers or argue in favor or against this levy, I reflected on my day.  Below will be an outline of my school day.  Before you look at it, I want to make one thing clear–I’m no saint.  I’m never the first teacher in my school and I’m never the last one to leave.  I have the fewest classes to prepare and the most off hours of anyone in my school because I’m a new teacher and so that I can craft a curriculum from scratch [thank you!!].  So read this thinking about the time you spent with your teachers–the moments they weren’t paid for, the time you asked for help, when they attended an academic game or event.…

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Jan 29 2013

The Winter Blues

It was so nice to go on a field trip today. During the school week, its a rarity to see the sun.  I arrive at school before the sun comes up, and don’t make it out until the sun goes down.  So, taking two campus tours today was just lovely.  Seeing the sun this afternoon…

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Dec 03 2012

Temple Geometry

I do forget sometimes that people read this.   This Wednesday, my students will be embarking on a proofing adventure.  I’m going to set the scene with some East Asian music and we’re going to work through a proof.  A real one.  It’s going to be hard.  But so, SO great. I’ve realized (or I…

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So. The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.  The reason my lovely school exists.  What a tough idea to grapple with.   The good: –without it, would my students be at  less effective MPS school? –Christian and character grounded education for students who wouldn’t otherwise get it (while this isn’t a goal of the choice program, I…

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Nov 07 2012

I resisted…but they were right.

I was forced to bond with Lee Cantor this summer, as all 2012 Corps Members were.  We learned to give explicit directions, narrate the positive, and then redirect.  We all felt SO silly to recognize students who were on task… “____ is writing his name on the paper, ____ is working on the first problem”,…

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Well, I’m about to turn off my television because I can’t deal with any more political ads.  The political scientist student in me thinks that the election cycle is extremely interesting, but the teacher in me is a little exhausted by both sides (or any side) using nice phrases and emotional ploys to think that they alone…

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Oct 23 2012

Neither here nor there

I received my first quarter evaluation from my administration today.  I’m so thankful to have honest and supportive administration backing me at my school–they’re pushing me to make me better and provide extremely valuable resources.  All the same, though, as I walked into my evaluation I knew I could do better. Of COURSE I can…

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Doesn’t make me a communist, a proponent of class warfare, or a hippie.  I don’t even think it makes me a “liberal”.  I think it makes me a fighter for my fellow man and woman.  Doesn’t that sound much better?   Got it?   Instead of writing in my own journal, I want this to…

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May 30 2012

And now the fun starts…

Induction is a little less than two weeks away.  I feel like I’ve been waiting for this forever!  However, there’s been plenty to keep busy with.  I’ll be in Cherry Hill, NJ tomorrow through Sunday with my STEM education friends discussing “Teaching as Inquiry.”  And there’s always TFA pre-work to do!  I’ll admit, I haven’t…

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Mar 31 2012

Big week!

So, it’s all starting to feel real now. I was awarded a fellowship from KSTF, which is AMAZING.  Their support (both  financially and in PD) makes me feel a lot more comfortable.  Plus, their fellowship is a five year commitment, so I know I’ll be in the classroom for five years.  I knew that before,…

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