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Dec 08 2011

The beginning….

So its been about a month since I learned my life would be uprooted to Milwaukee from Ohio for the next two years. I’ve gone from jumping up-and-down excitement, to a fear so severe I wanted to curl up with a teddy bear, to my current state of anxious anticipation. While Milwaukee was not my first choice of regions, its still in the Midwest and I’m excited about the challenges and opportunities offered there. While I’m not crazy about their extremely strict teacher licensure requirements (or the snow), it will be about a billion times larger than any other city I’ve lived in.

Right now, I’m grappling with the worry that I won’t be skilled or knowledgeable enough to lead a classroom 9 months from now. I’m also dealing with the realization that (gasp) there is a big world waiting for me after graduation. One in which I may fail miserably in (especially in terms of my students). While I’ve been assured by friends that no teacher is amazing from day one, I feel like I need to be. Hopefully my absolute insistence that I am a great teacher will mean that with enormous amounts of work, that will happen. Because in August, the future of my students will be in my hands. And to that, I have two words : holy crap.

However, I guess I should get through finals week at college before I tackle the problems of the world. Its certainly comforting to know what I’ll be doing upon graduation, but this does make silly things like finals seem insignificant. Unfortunately, I don’t think my professors agree. Maybe i’ll shop for teacher books instead.

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  1. yay! welcome to TFA! the emotional roller-coaster will only continue. read my earlier blogs — I went through the exact same thing! and feel free to email me if you have any questions!

    • ekv001

      Thanks! I’m sure the roller coaster will only continue…

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