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Feb 22 2012

For the love of money…

Dear Milwaukee,

Or the state of Wisconsin.  Part of me applauds you for your dedication to ensuring highly qualified teachers are in classrooms.  The $170 I just spent on the Praxis I (in other states, acceptable ACT scores suffice), and the idea that I may have to take out student loans for the first time to pay for Marquette University, however, is upsetting.  While you weren’t my first choice of a region, I will accept you.  I will love you. Just please, don’t let me get too envious of those who have almost $0 ongoing certification costs.


Waiting tables part time isn’t going to pay for this….

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  1. els

    welcome to TFA.

  2. Fellow2012CM

    $170 is definitely one of the lowest certification costs I’ve yet to come encounter.
    You really shouldn’t complain.

    Be glad you’re not in Hawaii – it’s close to $10,000 to become a teacher then very similarly priced for the on-going fees…NOT including tuition at University of Hawaii.

    • ekv001

      The $170 is just for the Praxis I. What really concerns me is the $12,000 /year tuition at Marquette University. Even with the Americorps award, that isn’t fun… TFA requires 27 credits at $735/credit hour for ongoing certification, but a M.Ed. is only 4 additional credit hours. I’m under the impression that it is one of the more expensive regions to teach at based on TFA’s site. Oh well. Hopefully it works out!

  3. Can’t you at least defer the costs with the Americorps funding? I used that to pay for my alt cert program when I was in TFA, even though I though it was pretty gross that us TFAers got that funding while the alt cert-seeking people who were actually from the community weren’t eligible. I was a big hypocrite, what can I say.

    Why is TFA requiring you to go to Marquette, anyway? The public university system in Wisconsin has a bunch of strong education departments, and I’ve heard good things about Mount Mary College’s postbac teacher training program…that’s in Milwaukee, WI, isn’t it?

  4. Moni12

    Hey! I’m from Milwaukee (born and raised) and attended Marquette University. I will be teaching in Memphis. For the last few years I have fallen in love with my city and although the snow maybe too much sometimes there are cool little quirks about the city that I hope you too will discover. Please feel free to reach out to me!

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