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Mar 31 2012

Big week!

So, it’s all starting to feel real now.

I was awarded a fellowship from KSTF, which is AMAZING.  Their support (both  financially and in PD) makes me feel a lot more comfortable.  Plus, their fellowship is a five year commitment, so I know I’ll be in the classroom for five years.  I knew that before, but it is nice to have confirmation of my goals :)

Second, I have been placed!  I interviewed with HOPE Christian High School a couple of weeks ago, skyped with them this week, and got an offer.  I couldn’t be more blessed in terms of placement.  The school is 100% dedicated to college preparation and are doing all sorts of movin’ and shakin’ to make it happen for their students!  I’ll be teaching geometry, which I much prefer to Algebra I or II.  I was shocked to be placed in a Christian school (TFA was great about emphasizing not taking positions at religious schools if you felt uncomfortable), but the school aligns well with my faith and I’m so excited to rely on Christian values for my own guidance, as well as for my students.

In short, it’s been a wonderful week.  I feel like TFA is really happening (got assigned pre-institute work, hurrah…kind of).  i’m still totally sure I’m going to be in over my head.  But that will be okay :)

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  1. Wow, TFA actually places in Christian schools? Wouldn’t a religious school have to be private/parochial? I would love to teach at a school that aligns with my beliefs, but at the same time, I’d worry that I wasn’t serving the same population of students as I am now at a regular public school..

    • ekv001

      It places in this school because its part of their voucher program. I’m really excited for the opportunity!

  2. Is HOPE Christian one of Milwaukee’s voucher private schools?

  3. That’s wonderful! Congratulations on getting placed at a school of your liking and getting financial and PD support, both of which will be essential as you start teaching.

    FYI – Here are some helpful resources on classroom management and student engagement that I thought you might find helpful. Read. Grow. Thrive. – FREE Videos And Helpful Ebooks For Teachers – FREE Chapter About Student Engagement

  4. Caroline

    I just want to say congrats on being placed already! I am a 2011 CM in Milwaukee and I work at HOPE high school as well. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

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